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Like round breasts and sexy cleavage? The ultimate tip

Are you ever jealous of film stars who show off their elegant evening dresses and gorgeous cleavage on the red carpet? There’s really no need, because you can look just as sexy and glamorous when you wear the right bra.

Our ultimate tip for round breasts and sensual cleavage is the balconnet bra with foam cups. It works every time! And you decide what look you want: cool, cute or gorgeously feminine.

The secret?

The keys to sensual cleavage are the cut of the bra and the choice of fabrics. The PrimaDonna balconnet with sturdy preformed foam supports and lifts your breasts to create a perfect, round shape. The low cups also show just enough of your upper breasts to stimulate the imagination.

Extra advantage: the smooth cups are great under a tight dress or T-shirt.

1. Masculine but oh so feminine

Graphical print with a nod to a men’s suit, smooth smoking bow between the breasts and irresistible cleavage. PrimaDonna fans who love sexy with a generous dose of power are sure to fall for Oh la la’s gorgeously feminine look with a touch of the masculine.

2. Adorable tulle

Cache Cache’s nostalgic polka dots bring the very best out of your neckline with a fetching band of tulle. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Claudine or Peter Pan collar, which is top of the fashion charts this season. The shoulder straps of this balconnet with preformed mousse cups can also be worn around the neck.

3. Glamour at its best

In the mood for an uber-feminine glamour look? Sparkle in the Duchess foam balconnet in Azalea, an intense pink. It lifts your breasts firmly, while the fine embroidery draping over the smooth cups is all luxury and refinement. Sexy lace but smooth too? Not a problem!


Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique now to get the balconnet bra with foam cups that ticks all your boxes.

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