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That’s why our three-section underwired bra is such a big hit

Those without want to get one, and all our fans are completely hooked: we’re talking about PrimaDonna’s three-section underwired bra. It’s our most popular style and there are good reasons for that. Not least, the unparalleled comfort – and the endless choice of designs. Whether you love sexy, modern or luxurious, you’ll always find a three-section bra that suits your tastes.

So what’s the secret

So how come this style is so comfortable? That has everything to do with the ingenious design. The lower cups push your breasts upwards, while the side sections push them inwards. The results are breasts with a perfectly round shape and a slimmer figure for you. The sturdy yet fine fabrics give extra support and feel soft and comfortable against the skin. And the elegant shoulder straps ensure that everything stays perfectly in place.

Made for the bigger cup

So if any bra is made for women that take a bigger cup it’s the three-section wire bra. In our most popular series it’s even available up to an I cup. Fashionable with lace and checks, like Madison, with the irresistible corsetry look of Couture or with the seductive embroidery of Deauville.

Smooth, youthful…

Dreaming of a hip three-section wire bra in a gorgeously soft fabric? That’s not going to be an easy decision to make. It’s so popular that it’s available in just about every style you could want. Cool and pretty, like Oh la la with its original print and cute smoking bow or nostalgic with playful polka dots, like Queen of the Night.

...or pure luxury

The sophisticated tailoring of the three-section wire bra gives you the best support, even when you choose a bra with luxurious lace or embroidery. Like Soiree, say – ever so feminine with tattoo look – or First lady with its subtle embroidery and glamorous look.

Hurry along to a specialist lingerie boutique now to get the three-section underwired bra that ticks all your boxes.

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