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A body for everybody

Don’t think a body is quite your style? You obviously haven’t seen the elegant PrimaDonna and PrimaDonna Twist collections, because they contradict all the clichés. Forget about warm underwear for grannies. We’re talking about bodies that no woman can do without.

Shaping or sexy

Whether you like feminine lingerie that radiates sensuality or prefer something simple and comfortable, the new generation of bodies has you covered. A smooth finish with shaping effect, like Perle and Satin, or fabulously feminine with peak-a-boo fabric and elegant embroidery, like Couture, Madison and Deauville. Whatever style you choose, PrimaDonna makes the most of your feminine curves.

Summer breeze

Nowadays, you don’t have to wait until it's freezing before wearing a body. The latest styles are so light and airy you could wear them all year through. Check out the lavish Gracious body in silky soft but fabulously firm fabric.

No cups

You might well find the perfectly looking body, only to find that you’re just a tad tall for it. Or it’s a tad small. It depends on how you look at it. In that case, a body without cups, like A la folie’s, is something for you. It streamlines your tummy and waist, and you can wear it with a bra of your own choosing. Added advantage: it always fits.

Practical fastening at the bottom

PrimaDonna’s bodies not only shape your figure and look fabulously sexy, they are also very comfortable, thanks to their ingenious design and silky fabrics. Plus they come with a practical fastening at the bottom.

Hurry along to your local specialty lingerie boutique to get the ideal body for you.

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