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What lingerie goes best with the colour trend of 2013?

Emerald green is this year’s trendiest colour. Not according to us but according to the colour experts at Pantone. This verdant tint will brighten up fashion, design and interiors this year, they say. But what lingerie goes best with emerald? We identify the most gorgeous, most surprising combinations for you.

Audacious and feminine

How better to steal the show than with an audacious combination of two trendy colours? The playful Fifties Pink of Deauville and A la folie is setting the benchmark in fashion this summer, and it goes perfectly with emerald. The girlish pink adds depth to this elegant green and together they create a feminine, ever so trendy look. Saint-Tropez, here I come!

A dash of retro

This summer’s big trend is the 1950s, and uplifting pastel blue is the perfect colour for that. Especially when you combine it with a deep tint like emerald. Pastel blue was used in the adorable Pompadour series and – staying on the retro theme – the flirtatious You & Me series. Ideal for a long hot summer full of nostalgia.

Match made in heaven

Some colour combinations never lose their sparkle, regardless of what happens to be on trend. Emerald and deep blue form one such timeless duo. Warm, stylish and always flattering, as seen in A la folie in rich Denim. Or classic with a trendy twist, like smart College Blue with cheery white polka dots as per Cache Cache. Simply divine.

Summer freshness

After a dismal winter that overstayed its welcome, it’s time for a new colour regime in your wardrobe. How about a coalition of emerald and yellow? Not those bright canary colours, but soft, feminine variants like Vanilla, the fresh summery tint Madison or the cheerful Sunshine of the vintage Happiness series. A fresh mix that produces an instant feeling of summer.

Drop by your nearest specialty lingerie shop soon to choose the most gorgeous lingerie to go with your emerald outfits.

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