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How to make sure your lingerie drawer is summer-proof

You and your wardrobe are all ready for a glorious summer. But can the same be said for your lingerie drawer? With these bras and briefs, you’re all set for even the hottest days.

1. Smart, smooth and light

Tight tops, T-shirts, and see-through blouses demand a smooth bra that makes the most of your natural curves. The elegant Perle and Couture bras with foam cups show off your bust perfectly under close-fitting, summer clothing.

If you’re looking for a smooth bra in an eye-catching colour or a pretty print, the Cache Cache, Happiness and You & Me foam bras are just the thing.

A very light Milady, Deauville or Satin spacer bra will keep you cool on the hottest summer days.
And don’t forget to choose the right briefs to go with your light summer wear. Rio briefs, shorts or hotpants: whatever style you choose, an invisible finish – like you get with Cache Cache and Poupoupidou briefs – is a must.

2. Sensual shoulders

There’s nothing quite as sensual as a pretty frock that leaves your tanned shoulders bare. Unless your bra has inelegant shoulder straps. Avoid this kind of faux pas by choosing a comfortable strapless bra, like Perle or Satin’s foam bras with smooth cup, or an elegant, fine halter neck style, like the playful ones A la folie and Cache Cache offer.

3. Your figure in shape

Not sure whether your body is totally ready for revealing summer clothes? Sexy shapewear briefs or a figure-styling body does wonders for your curves and your self-confidence. The latest generation of shapewear is made from light but sturdy materials you can continue to wear in summer. Like Pompadour’s body and legendary control briefs: made from fine Charmeuse, a light, silky soft fabric that mercilessly sculpts your tummy and waist into shape.

4. Invisible under white

This might surprise you, but white lingerie is not a good idea under white clothes. If you’re looking for an invisible colour, reds, pinks and nudes are what you need to go for. Pink is also a wonderful summer colour that flatters tanned skin. Curious to experience the invisible effect? Try A la folie’s Fifties Pink.

Hurry along to your local specialty lingerie shop to choose the summer styles that fit you best.

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