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I’m going on holiday and I’m taking...

Halter top, strapless dress, see-through blouse… Choosing the right lingerie to suit the average woman’s wardrobe can be a real challenge! Fortunately, we have some smart tips. They’ll ensure you can leave with an easy heart, knowing you have the right lingerie in your suitcase for under every outfit!

1. Added self-confidence

Tight-fitting dress or revealing fabric? A la folie and Couture shapewear creates an attractive flowing figure.


2. The statement bra

You can be a little more daring on holiday. Like showing off your beautifully tanned neckline or back. Take a bra in a gorgeous colour and wear under a transparent blouse or an open back top.


3. The perfect T-shirt bra

A T-shirt bra is a bra that does not show under close-fitting clothes, like a summer T-shirt. Golden tip: don’t take one in white or a skin colour, prefer a sexy red or pretty pink one instead. They are just as invisible under white and they look much better.



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